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Opened office in Kiev

The company «Electrovek-steel» is developing a network of representative offices. The office in Kiev will enable consumers to be closer to the central and northern regions.

Stable range:

  • Cr20Ni80 Nichrome wire, tape, Nichrome H15N60.
  • Fechral H15YU5, H23YU5T, H27YU5T.
  • HN32T special alloys, HN60VT, XH78T, HN77TYUR (Y), the NP-2.
  • Nickel and copper-nickel alloys Alumel, Chromel, Constantan, Monel.
  • Precision alloys 29NK, 36H, 36NHTYU, 50H, 79NM, 80NHS
  • Molybdenum wire, round, sheet, pipe MCH, MCHVP, DMI.
  • Tungsten VA, overhead lines, the SVR, MV50 wire, round, sheet.
  • Titan brand VT1−1, VT1−0, VT1−00 wire, sheet, circle, ribbon. Titanium alloys.
  • Wire 0.1 — 8.0 mm 12X18H10T, 04H19N11M3, 07H19N10B, 20H23N18 etc.


Kyiv, 4073

pr. Moscow 9, block 3

+38 (044) 237-71-11

We hope to be useful to you!

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