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LLC «Electrovek-steel» — is a dynamically developing company, which is actively engaged in foreign economic activity. Export products are:

Precision alloys:

  • Nichrome — Cr20Ni80, H15N60, as well as a new generation of nichrome H20N30
  • fechral — H23YU5T, H15YU5, as well as a new generation of fechral
  • Thermocouple — alumel, chromel, Kopel, constantan
  • heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant steel: HN32T, HN60VT, and other XH78T

Refractory metals:

  • molybdenum products: wire, sheet and circle marks MCH, MCH1, MCHVP
  • Tungsten Products: wire, electrodes, sheet VA overhead, BSD and others.
  • supply of products of tantalum and niobium for the order.
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