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Assortment pipe 12X18H10T

Electrovek-steel offers from a warehouse and under the order a wide range of stainless steel tubes of corrosion-resistant, alloy, heat-resistant and heat-resistant steels and alloys, such as: 08−12H18N10T, 10H23N18, 10X17H13M2T, 15H25T, 08H22N6T, HN45-S, 08−20H13, et al., manufactured in accordance with national standards GOST 9940−81, 9941−81, 162−79 14 10 498−82 19 277−73, TU 14−3-769−79, 14−3-796- 78 14−3-197−79.

Dimensional part of the stainless tubular products mainly corresponds to the assortment of Nikopol stainless steel tubes, but can be supplied stainless steel tubes production of other metallurgical enterprises of the CIS.

The company has its own equipment and storage facilities, which allows cutting of stainless steel tubes the size of the customer. In stock constantly in the presence of 10−15 tons of stainless steel tubes of various sizes and grades of steel.

Please see the remains of storage may be the link of the supply availability of «Electrovek-steel».


It is used in the form of cold-rolled sheet and strip for a variety of high-strength structural parts to be welded by spot welding, as well as the products subjected to heat treatment (quenching). Details of the thin sheet and strip in the automotive industry, sales engineering for consumer goods products, for products subjected to hardening, for welding machines and chemical engineering vessels to operate in environments that do not cause intergranular corrosion.


For welded structures operating at temperatures up to 80 ° C in sulfuric acid of different concentrations, except 55% acetic and phosphoric acids, and sulfuric acid environments, manufacturing of compound fertilizers.


Details of installations in the chemical and petroleum industries, gas, combustion chamber (can be used for heating resistance elements

10X17N13M2T, 10X17N13M3T

It recommended for welded structures operating under the action of boiling phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, 10% acetic acid and sulfuric acid environments. Apparatus and vessels operating in environments of increased aggressiveness. The blades blowers, stamped from sheet steel, rivets, manufactured by hot heading, forging disks, tires, shafts and other parts of compressor machines, turbine parts.

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